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Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2


Mission Bay
Peggy Duffy


The sun pours its balmy heat on my face, shimmering from the bluest of skies. The San Diego air is clean and pure, the sun's rays unfiltered by the haze and humidity I am accustomed to on the East Coast. Colors appear clearer and brighter, the long, flat leaves of exotic, unfamiliar plants vivid shades of green, their early May flowers sprouting yellows and tangerines, purples and reds.

Walking along the sandy shore, a light breeze blows across the warmth on my skin. I look out onto Mission Bay where the bluest of skies reflects off the bluest of water. A mallard duck shakes his tail, kicking orange webbed feet until I can no longer see the efforts of his swim. He glides on the watery surface, emerald head held high, mocking my earthbound existence. Above a seagull flaps its wings, finds a gust of wind and soars below wisps of clouds.

bay beckons
sails of a borrowed boat
billow in the breeze

Peggy Duffy Peggy Duffy's short stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including Newsweek, The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Notre Dame Magazine, Smokelong Quarterly, Octavo, Three Candles, So To Speak, Literary Mama, Brevity and Main Street Rag. Her fiction was recognized by the Virginia Commission for the Arts as a finalist in the Individual Artist Fellowship program for literary artists. One of her short stories was selected by /storySouth/ for the Million Writers Award, Notable Online Short Stories for 2004, and two of her stories were selected by storySouth as Notable Online Short Stories for 2003. She has an MFA from George Mason University & maintains a website at