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Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2


Eiko Yachimoto


the blue inlet below
blossom branches
  blossom chill—
the School Administration's
manicured floor
rain and blossom--
the back of a white stone dog
sensually alive
  an approach to the war shrine
the rain beats layers of blossoms
camellia tunnel
Modern literature
traced from haiku stones

Eiko Yachimoto Eiko Yachimoto was born in Yokosuka city, Japan, in 1947. Her haibun on sailors in Yokosuka is recommended by U.S. educators as model haibun in EDSITEment. Intercultural communication has been her life-long passion and she joined The Association for International Renku in 1992 after she lived in Minneapolis and graduated from the University of Minnesota. She has been translating the haiku of Hisajo Sugita, a tragic poet, to the world and felt rewarded when Hisajo's haiku was mentioned by a haijin who received the Mainichi English haiku award. She has led many international haijin as a sabaki and composed quite a few kasen. Along with her translation of classical renku of the Edo period, she has been successful in making renku more popular among international haijin that include Prof. Nobuyuki Yuasa. She is also active in teaching English haiku to young Japanese high school students.