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Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2


Triparshva : Madiba's Smile


a pod of whales
heads for the antarctic
tails in the wind


ankle-deep in surf
a small girl waves both hands


swirling cream
with cinnamon sugar
in my yellow cup


ginger puss and me
share the square of sunshine


eclipsed totally
by the moon
that shortest June day


in his camp bed she waits
the lion's last roar


* * * *


I tap refresh
watch the haiku arguments


how many body bags
last-posted back home?


off to the gym
for today's one hundred
laps of breaststroke


east, north, west, south ...
her butterfly kisses


our intrepid miss
Muffet spills
all his milky whey


another torn condom
one more falling star


alas poor Yorick
the bard said
learn yer lines or else!


Little Boy and Fat Man
plant their poison mushrooms


yet the moonbeams
yet the morning
albeit so chill


ya gotta love Madiba's
Freedom Day smile


* * * *


ah, the view
of Robben Island
from Table Mountain's top


we lunch this cold Sunday
on chilied smoorsnoek


until the planet's
hot springs all
bubble themselves dry


baby bird shit rains down
from the weavers' nests


more daisies
in our deserts than
ever you could ask


who will adventure
new triparshva with me?


A solo triparshva renku by Moira Richards, George, South Africa

Composed during November and December 2006


Copyright 2007: Simply Haiku