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Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2


Mariko Kitakubo

cutting my foot
on a tree-root
I felt
the desolation of Descartes
slowly slide into me


for whom then
did I blossom?
I cast my gaze
over the light and shade
of the distant past


a warm teardrop
as I waken
from the dream
of being held back
from the brink of a cliff


as if
falling down
into the galaxy,
I would fall
into your heart


dipping my toes
into the blue water
of the inlet,
I felt my body
surge with life


Mariko Kitakubo Mariko Kitakubo is a poet who lives in Tokyo. A member of the Association of Contemporary Tanka Poets and the Kokoronohana Tanka Society, Kitakubo is active in writing and performing. To date she has published the following tanka collections: I Want to Tell You in the Words of Waves (1999, Artland); When the Music Stops (2002, Nagarami Shobo); Will (2005, Kadokawa Shoten); and On This Same Star.