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Welcome, Kozue Uzawa

Kozue Uzawa After three years as Simply Haiku's tanka editor, and the joy of working with the good people of this staff and the dozens of tanka poets who sent me their best work, I am very pleased to join Robert D. Wilson in welcoming Kozue Uzawa as the new tanka section editor. In her hands, I am confident that English-language tanka will find new growth, vigor, and achievement in the pages of Simply Haiku.

Kozue is co-founder and editor of Tanka Canada's English tanka journal, Gusts (2005--). She is also an accomplished translator and tanka poet in both Japanese and English. Her book, Ferris Wheel: 101 Modern and Contemporary Tanka (Cheng & Tsui, Boston, 2006), edited with Amelia Fielden, is one of the most riveting, readable, memorable collections of tanka in the past decade --- truly an outstanding introduction to contemporary tanka in Japan. She holds a PhD in applied linguistics and second language education from the University of British Columbia, and is currently on the faculty of the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Lethbridge.

Knowledge, experience, accomplishment: these ingredients become magical when combined with a rich heart and disciplined mind like Kozue's. Look for good things and fine reading ahead.

Michael McClintock
Tanka Editor, Simply Haiku, (2004-2006).


Michael McClintock is president of the Tanka Society of America and contributing editor of Modern English Tanka (online and print editions, quarterly). He is currently at work on three anthologies of contemporary tanka in English: The Dreaming Room (May, 2007), Landfall (July, 2007) and Streetlights (Fall, 2007), all from Modern English Tanka Press, Baltimore, Maryland. [Robert Wilson, Managing Editor]

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