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A Send-off for Michael McClintock
by Robert D. Wilson

Michael McClintock, an award winning poet who has served on the front lines of English-Language Japanese short form poetry for decades, has submitted his resignation as Tanka Editor for Simply Haiku, a position he has held since 2004. His contributions to the worldwide tanka and haiku communities are immeasurable; his contribution to Simply Haiku, second to none.

Two of my favorite poems by McClintock are:

the moon tonight
a humid bean
I imagine men and women
climbing down from it
on thin, silver ladders

The Tanka Anthology (2003)

a few rubber bands
to hold up my socks,
I wade the shallows
searching for the shoes I lost
playing Crusoe with the tide

The Five-Hole Flute (2006)

Thank you for all you have done for Simply Haiku, Michael. You have been an inspiration and influence, for all of us on the staff, as well as our readers.

Robert D. Wilson, Managing Editor

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