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Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3


Hidden Snags
Michele Harvey


Sneaking out, we close the door on the sleeping house. He's agreed to let me come, with a caveat. I, the younger sister, must do all the baiting and unhooking. We dug the worms last night, so they're frisky. I wonder how long it will be before he lets me hold the rod…

Bluegills flip
In the shallow water
Hidden snags

After we bought the old place, a man stopped by to share some stories… "The dump out yonder was always smoking. Something was always on fire. On top of that ridge was the old barn. Used to smoke cigarettes in there. It burnt down one day, with everything in it. We must've done it. Never told no one that. Nope. No one."

Beneath goldenrod
The tunnels of field mice
Find the foundation

Spring roundup. The climb to the upper pasture is steep with soul-satisfying views. We move cows and calves towards the barn for tagging, vaccination and castration. Some will be separated and fattened for market. The decision is made before we reach the cowshed.

Fragrant meadows
The wind-carried sweep
Of vultures

She made me promise to take care of him. Her little boy, now twenty-one, had finally found a girl to marry. I didn't have the nerve to tell her, surrounded by her machines and hospital walls. Engaged or not, I would soon leave him and those fists he called hands.

Screen door slam
The old dog flinches
From the wind

Michele Harvey Michele Harvey is a professional landscape painter, living and working in New York since 1977. She divides her time between the very urban and very rural, collecting imagery and antique roses.