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Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3


hortensia anderson


The remains of the rose you gave me
lie in dust in your love letters. How did
it begin? With a single, perfect rose.

Had she been dead as I took her from
you, the rose, helpless without thorns, her
slim, green throat slashed on the diagonal -
unable to whisper "stay away!"?

Clues in the letters abound: how your name
loops around the page, how the "y" in "my"
almost obliterates the "love" that follows.

So this is how it ends - with a faded promise
of "forever", stained with the dark blood rust
of a crumbled flower.

betrayed by a breeze
the light scent of roses
hidden by shadow

hortensia anderson


hortensia anderson hortensia anderson is the author of numerous chapbooks as well as a volume of poetry, TRUST (fly-by night press, 1995). Her second volume of poetry, NOTHING BUT HEAT, is due out Winter 2006. Her current passion is renga and other forms of collaborative poetry.

She lives precariously on dialysis on the lower east side of NYC.