Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3


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Hosoai Shukoku

The Tremble of Spring Sunlight

Painting on silk in mineral pigments, gold, sumi ink, and gofun or clam shell gesso, mounted as a gaku or framed panel, depicting a timber bamboo grove gilded by sunlight. Signed on the lower left by the artist: Shukoku, and sealed (Hosoai Shukoku, the go or art name of Hosoai Tadashiro, 1894 - 1947). Showa 9 or 1934.

Titled: Shunko Yoei or The Tremble of Spring Sunlight, this painting was first exhibited at the 15th Teiten in 1934, when it was acquired directly from the painter by the art patron and collector Hosokawa Rikizo. Along with the rest of his painting collection it entered the Meguro Gajoen Museum Collection after the War, from which it was acquired by Kagedo in 2003. It is illustrated in the Nittenshi, volume 11, page 356, number 281.

For biographical details, c.f. number 4 in this catalogue, and for a smaller painting with a similar theme by this artist, number 28.

With The Tremble of Spring Sunlight, Hosoai Shukoku paints an idealized, glowing grove of young timber bamboo on a monumental scale. Though visionary, the scene is rendered in consistently minute and realistic detail. Sweeping horizontal brush strokes detail the fallen leaves carpeting the forest floor and contrast with the towering verticals of the bamboo. The rhythmic brushwork contributes to an almost musical flow in the composition. A counterpoint of color dances between the browns of the bamboo shoots and forest floor, the gold of the leaves and sky, with the brilliant green of the shadowed stalks and forest ferns and grasses. Light and optimism shine throughout this lyrical work.

112" high x 78 3/4" wide, framed dimensions.
101" high x 67 5/8" wide, painting dimensions.


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