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Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3


Renku Editor's Notes


Welcome to the Simply Haiku Renku Column, where we take pleasure in presenting you with a full bag of collaborative linked verse. Four different formats of renku, plus a selection of maekuzuke - haiku with added verses.

A 24-verse Kochô by poets in Denmark, England and Malta, employing an intriguing system of 'rotating sabaki', and accompanied by a tomegaki (convenor's commentary);
A twelve-verse solo Jûnichô by a British poet;
A Triparshva - a three-sided renku composed by three women in three continents;
A Shisan by members of AIR (the Association for International Renku) and presented here in both English and Japanese; we are delighted to publish alongside these texts a full verse-by-verse commentary by the sabaki, Prof. Nobuyuki Yuasa;
Added verses: Ikuyo Yoshimura adds two-line verses to haiku by Robert Wilson, Managing Editor and Owner of Simply Haiku.

Without further ado, let's click back to Contents, and enjoy the poetry!


Norman Darlington, Bunclody, July 2007



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