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Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3


Junicho : About to Unfold


on the poppy
about to unfold,
a ladybird


kids chant flyaway
flyaway home


to impress guests
all the silver on show,
newly polished


my ten year old conker,
still quite a treasure


forced to flee their cave,
first view of the moon


he'll take her out 'til late
to all the teenage haunts


on long dark evenings
she goes through all his stamps,
can't let them go


somewhere across the sea
tigers still free to roam


a glimpse of Blake's heaven
in every primrose
strewn across the bank


above the plain altar
stained glass angels


earlier day by day
so many beaks
open to the dawn


a white page
in a haiku notebook


A solo renku by Diana Webb
Composed 18 May 2007


Copyright 2007: Simply Haiku