Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli


Urban Life [part two]


44th street
how the tourists dawdle
when I'm so late

Mykel Board


A man asks directions —
hand over
his mouth.

Alexis Rotella


bending for a dime
two businessmen
bump heads

Michael Dylan Welch


bus stop —
he lets the mini skirt
board first

Carol Raisfeld


on the city bus
Granma checks her pager

Mykel Board


Bus gone
and so is
his toupee.

Alexis Rotella


Homeless man
tells the barking dog
"Get a job!"

Herschel Silverman


the window washer
without turning his head

Barry George


porn theater poster

Bob Brill


at the drive-in movie
  i undo her bra
     double feature

Alan Pizzarelli


roadside billboard —
a teen mother holds
her four kids

Jian Zheng


doing 55
in the left lane —
doing her eyelashes!



terminal station
swell ahead — shouts
a drunken traveler

Sasa Vazic


approaching subway
he leans out over the track
looking the wrong way

Mykel Board


Rush-hour subway —
pressed against a stranger,
our faces expressionless.

Alexis Rotella


the men on both sides
have taken
my armrests

Karen Sohne


he keeps making room
but no one sits next to him
in the subway car

Jeffrey Rabkin


end of the line
the conductor starts turning
the seats around

Cor van den Heuvel



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8 AM
I turn on the TV
to see what the weather is

Mykel Board


bored teenager
watching Vanna point
among the squares

Larry Gross


awards ceremony —
the ecstatic star hugs
her golden globes

Carol Raisfeld


TV sex
the ads

LeRoy Gorman


horror movie
commercial break
my son follows me into the kitchen

Karen Sohne


after the news
snapping closed the lid
of a prescription bottle

Dana Duclo


when she's not looking
I switch

Tom Clausen


Price tag still attached —
rich kid riding
his motor bike.

Alexis Rotella


white haired and genteel
leaning over to inspect
the dog's poop

George Mills


over an hour now
she's tried
different shoes

Tom Clausen


changed my mind
half way through
the tattoo

Jörgen Johansson


scouting ceremony
all the mothers
with short hair

susan delphine delaney


the feminist
reads her speech
dressed like a man

Alan Pizzarelli


Labor Day
long at the mirror
a bald man tries on hats

LeRoy Gorman


To thank or despise?
When she says, "You dress well for —
A woman your size."

Linda Delmonico Prussen


he admires her dress ...
how he would look in it

Carol Raisfeld


the interior decorator
tells the nudist
"the drapes don't match the rug"

Alan Pizzarelli


Hawaiian beach
in inverse ratio to their girth
their bathing suits

Mykel Board


      fun house music
the pretty vendor flashes
       her tongue stud

Mathew Spano


yuppie girl's
sidewalk hopscotch
fifty squares

susan delphine delaney



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"fun house music" from Modern Haiku, 37.3 copyright 2006 by Mathew Spano; by permission of the author.


Marriage, Divorce, and Other Arrangements


       second time round
this time she chooses someone
        not like her father

Dina E. Cox


that wild whisker
the razor always missed
finally snipped by his new bride

Jim Doss


He forgets
our anniversary —
pond scum.

Alexis Rotella


her eyes travel
to his shirt collar —
smudge of lipstick?

Chris Mooney-Singh


feeling guilty, she
decided not to leave him—

Jessica Lafortune


ah! to be with
who I thought you were
last summer

Barry George


after the divorce
she fits back into
her old dress

Alan Pizzarelli


old flame
not as handsome
as he used to be

Dana Duclo


blind date
she brings her dog
up for a drink

Bob Lucky


new crush —
dabbing perfume
in forgotten places

Brynne McAdoo


I came by cab to tell
how I felt about last night
but could not press the bell

Chris Mooney-Singh


a knock at the door—
the simple hello
that means so much more

Jim Doss


written in salt
on the diner table
a lady's name again and again

Jim Doss


the widow folds her life
and puts it away

Dave Baldwin



"ah! to be with" from Solares Hill, copyright 2005 by Barry George; by permission of the author.

"after the divorce" from Kiss and Part — Laughing at the End of Romance & Other Entanglements, Edited by Gail White, published by Doggerel Daze, a division of Poetic Vision Press, copyright 2005 by Alan Pizzarelli; by permission of the author.