Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3


Tom Clausen

overly familiar
to me now,
this way of seeing people
as being like someone
I've known before


honeysuckle petals
fall in the heavy rain
on the patio,
no progress, trying as I may
to demystify her


I sit on a stool
nursing the furnace
looking into where
our warmth has come
and gone...


he so disliked winter
it seems unfair
that he lay down and died
just weeks before the forsythia
came into brilliant bloom


cleaning his place
after he passed away
it becomes clear
no amount of cleaning
will erase the loss


Tom Clausen Tom Clausen lives in Ithaca, a centrally isolated upstate New York college town that has been described as being "ten square miles surrounded by reality" and "gorges". He has a new collection of tanka, Growing Late, published by Snapshot Press. He is a member in the Albany, New York based Route 9 Haiku group and through his job at Mann Library (Cornell University) he maintains a Daily Haiku feature, from the library home page. Tom is eternally grateful to have been given the chance to experience a human life, although he often feels a bewildered sense of being a bit of a misfit in the role!