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Autumn 2007, vol 5 no 3


Laurence Stacey

news of
his sudden death
the noon sun
peels shadows
from the tulips


watching the
dragonfly twist
in an unseen web
my uncle whispers


Francis Masat

harvest moon
all of our flowers glisten
slowly turning
with frost


Bell Gale Chevingny

a cloud sleeping on far bank
takes Canada away
but gives us


we couldn't see before


Richard Stevenson

waiting for hired help --
these new fence posts
like legionnaires
back in their foxholes
lean into each others' lies


M. Kei

what lesson
was I supposed to learn?
staring at white heroes
surrounded by the walls
of the Alamo


feeling hungover
after only one drink,
the bitter taste
of a party where
I am a stranger


miriam chaikin

o - you moon!
last night
in jerusalem
tonight, new york
-- stalking?


Alexis Rotella

Their second marriage -
his kids
and her kids
practised smiles.


A pan of water
thrown into the night -
the sound of it
under the stars.


Robert D. Wilson

it'll take
you a long time,
wind, to
etch your breath on
the canyon's walls


Patricia Prime

the boy's birthday
he tells all and sundry
about his dad
leaving home for good
that's our boy for you


Dave Baldwin

as I cut and splice
a few salient vignettes,
the rest of my life
spools out
on the cutting room floor


the pounding surf...
why does it matter now
after 40 years?
bleached stones against
the bleached sky


Karl Miller

the mastless blue boat,
bleached by a withering sun,
lays on its wrecked side
amid the junkyard refuse
miles & years from water's touch


Kala Ramesh

the red dot
on my forehead
binds me
to a man who's
in his own orbit


filling my
waking hours
my child
you direct my dreams
from my womb!


Megan Arkenberg

petals fall
from the crabapple tree
without you here
none of us
can hold on for long


Liam Wilkinson

after midnight
I listen to the rooms
click and creak
as another day
drains from the house


Megan Arkenberg is a student in Wisconsin. Her poetry and short stories have been accepted for future issues of The Lorelei Signal, The Rose & Thorn, and A Long Story Short webzines.

miriam chaikin has written some 30 books for young readers, fiction and nonfiction. She was happy to come upon the world of haiku and tanka and is now swimming happily in those waters.

Dave Baldwin is a former college teacher and Vietnam-era Naval officer. Currently, he is a freelance technical editor who lives and works in the Seattle area.

Bell Gale Chevigny lives in New York City. A professor emeritus of literature at Purchase College, SUNY, she has published only prose. She has just begun to write poetry, beginning with haiku and tanka.

M. Kei crews aboard a skipjack, a traditional sailboat used to fish for oysters. He is the author of Heron Sea, Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay, and the editor of Fire Pearls.

Francis Masat, after 36 years as a university professor in the Midwest and New Jersey, lives in Key West with his wife Carol and their cats.

Karl Miller graduated from the University of Florida, and lives in Coral Springs, Florida. He works in insurance in Boca Raton. He has had work published in a variety of literary journals.

Patricia Prime is co-editor of the haiku magazine Kokako and reviews editor of the Australian online magazine Stylus.

Kala Ramesh is an exponent of Indian classical music and finds in both music and haiku / tanka a resonance that lingers in the spirit long after the sound has faded.

Alexis Rotella has been writing haiku and related forms for 30 years. She practices Chinese Medicine in Arnold, Maryland.

Laurence Stacey is a 22 year old college student in Powder Springs, Georgia. He works as a computer engineer for his father, and plans to become a technical writer.

Richard Stevenson is the author of 22 collections of poetry, plus a CD of original jazz and poetry. He teaches Canadian Literature, Creative Writing, etc. at Lethbridge Community College, Alberta.

Liam Wilkinson was born in Yorkshire, England in 1981. He was educated at the University of Hull's Scarborough Campus. His poems have appeared in Presence, Bottle Rockets, etc.

Robert D. Wilson is the owner/managing editor of Simply Haiku.