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Of Time and Tide: Note from the Management

As the Seasons change once more, Simply Haiku is also undergoing change. In our ongoing efforts to provide a quality literary journal that can be enjoyed by both readers and writers of Japanese short form poetry and related genres, we want to say a warm "Thank you" to Kozue Uzawa for her work in the current issue as Tanka Editor. Kozue, it has been a pleasure to work with you, and we especially thank you for sharing with us not only your expertise in tanka, but also your enthusiasm for making it relevant to the contemporary world we live in as well as being respectful of its traditional heritage. And we wish you a long life and much happiness in your new venture into retirement from academia.

If you have checked out the Contents page for the current issue, you will note that Kirsty is all over the place. She does haiga—both the haiku and the art. She has a new book out, which is in the Reviews section. And there is an Interview with her, by Robert D. Wilson, accompanied by some of her most recent tanka inspired by her volunteer work at a hospice. In a previous issue, she is even a participant in a renku!

Please read Kirsty's Editor's Introduction, to let you see what her expectations are for tanka. With an experienced sailor at the helm, we can look forward to a bon voyage.

Please begin sending your submissions to her at:

Welcome aboard, Kirsty.

Johnye Strickland. Associate Editor
Carol Raisfeld, Associate Editor
Robert D. Wilson, Managing Editor/Owner

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