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Winter 2007, vol 5 no 4


I have two sons

ages 2 and 3. Their mother is out of town, but if all goes according to plan, I might get to watch an inning or two of the game in peace.

star at the plate
I move to a closer seat
on the couch

They're in the room across the hallway, and I can hear them if they need me. I can only hope that a train set and a basket filled with toys will be enough to occupy their time.

Oddly enough, it's been quiet. A little too quiet. And then my three year-old says something that ignites my curiosity.

"I need more poop. Do you have more poop?"

I hurry to their room and see that a large area of the wall is conspicuously brown. My oldest son holds a boxcar topped with the "paint," while my youngest son sits on the floor with his diaper exposed just enough. Both of them simply stare at me with a smile.

bases loaded!
a child changes the station
to a cartoon

Collin Barber

Collin Barber Collin Barber lives in Marion, Arkansas, with his wife and two sons. He is employed as an MRI Technologist at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and he aspires to one day become a Medical Physicist.

Collin began his study of haiku in 2005, after reading the works of American writers such as Jack Kerouac and Richard Wright. Of the Japanese masters, he has a particular fondness for Kobayashi Issa. Some of his work can be seen in various publications in print and on the world wide web, and he is one of the poets featured in A New Resonance 5: Emerging Voices in English Language Haiku. He maintains his own website at .