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Winter 2007, vol 5 no 4


Gautam Nadkarni


winter evening ~
a beggar's corpse
is carted away
  rainfall outside ~
in our stately home
the tap runs dry
desert dunes ~
I yearn for my home
along the riverbank
  church graveyard -
just outside its gates
a rosebush blooms
up in the loft
a rat nibbles at wood ~
summer night

Gautam Nadkarni is a 52 year old artist, living in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India. Although he has a degree in chemistry from Bombay University, he was always fascinated with literature and fine art. He has been writing free verse for many years but stumbled upon haiku poetry on the Internet quite by accident. Simply Haiku was the first haiku journal he read, and after reading it last year he was "snared." His haiku and senryu have been published in Frogpond, Mainichi Haiku Column, Stylus, Lynx, Paper Wasp, Wisteria, Bottle Rockets, Asahi Haiku Column and elsewhere. He says that writing haiku is more than a hobby for is an obsession!