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Contents: Winter 2007, vol 5 no 4

Editor ~ Lenard D. Moore [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Raquel D. Bailey

John Barlow

Roberta Beary

Cathy Drinkwater Better

Laryalee Fraser

Gautam Nadkarni

Matthew Paul

Kala Ramesh

Robert Wilson

Quendryth Young

Jianqing Zheng

Editor ~ Al Pizzarelli  [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Senryu: Humor

Alexis Rotella, Carol Raisfeld, Bob Lucky, Carlos Colón, Mykel Board, Martin Shea, Gautam Nadkarni, Michael Rehling, Garry Eaton, Mankh, Kala Ramesh, Barry George, Robert Coelho

Senryu Illustrations
by Donna Foulke

Alan Pizzarelli, Carlos Colón, Alexis Rotella, Pooja Nansi, Tom Painting, Elizabeth St Jacques, Gautam Nadkarni, Ed Markowski, Mykel Board, Kam Holifield, Jessica Lafortune, Anita Virgil, Jörgen Johansson, Marlene Egger, Barry George, Roberta Beary, LeRoy Gorman

Editor ~ Kirsty Karkow [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Melissa Dixon
Kasumi Numatani
Carol Purington
Kala Ramesh
Lynne Rees
Andrew Riutta
Carolyn Thomas
Linda Jeannette Ward
An Xiao

Editor ~ w.f. owen  [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Collin Barber

Gillena Cox

Jim Doss

Laryalee Fraser

Betty Kaplan

Dru Philippou

Patricia Prime

Ray Rasmussen

M. Sharif

Adelaide B. Shaw

Richard Straw

Amy Whitcomb

Michele Yanga

Renku: Collaborative Linked Verse
Editor ~ Norman Darlington [bio] [ ]
Introduction to Renku

Renku Editor's Notes

  Plum Tree
  Tomegaki and Kanso
    ~ John Carley, Vaughn Seward, Terra Martin, Jeffrey Woodward, Cristian Mocanu
  The Labyrinth's Core
    ~ Maeve O’Sullivan, Carmel Heaney, Nora Hussey, Rosemary Kemsley, Mary Lee, Michael McLoughlin, Hazel Newman, Bríd Ní Mhóráin, Sharon O’Sullivan, Kim Richardson, Judith Tobin
  Laughter Rising
  Tomegaki: The Many Faces of Renku by Eiko Yachimoto
    ~ Celia Stuart-Powles, Eiko Yachimoto, Susan Delphine Delaney, Johnye Strickland
  Showing Through
    ~ Frank WIlliams, Doreen King

Features: Interviews & Essays
About the Features Section
The Evolution of Modern Japanese Haiku and the Haiku Persecution Incident
  By Itô Yűki
Haiku in English
  By Barbara Louise Ungar
Tanka by Kisaburo Konoshima
  Newly translated by David Callner
An Interview with Steven Carter
  by Robert D. Wilson
An Interview with Paul Gordon Schalow
  by Robert D. Wilson

Tracks in the Sand
Columnist ~ George Swede [bio] [email]
Tracks in the Sand

Modern Haiga
Editor ~ Aurora Antonovic [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
an'ya and Ed Baker
Yu Chang
Jim Kacian
Matt Morden
Mike Rehling

Traditional Haiga
Editor ~ Aurora Antonovic [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
John Adams Gallery
Kazumi Cranney
Origa (Olga Hooper)
Stuart Jackson Gallery

About the Reviews Section
Robert D. Wilson:
  Morning at Mount Ring,
by Anatoly Kudryavitsky
  A Poetics of Courtly Male Friendship in Heian Japan, by Paul Gordon Schalow
Marjorie Buettner:
  Sixty Sunflowers, edited by
Sanford Goldstein
Margaret Chula:
  The Scent of Jasmine and Brine,
by Linda Jeannette Ward
Kirsty Karkow:
  The Dreaming Room: Modern English Tanka in Collage and Montage Sets,
edited by Michael McClintock and
Denis Garrison
Johnye Strickland:
  Eavesdropping: Seasonal Haiku,
by Alexis Rotella
  Growing Late, by Tom Clausen
  The Unworn Necklace, by Roberta Beary
  Landfall: Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka, edited by Denis M. Garrison and Michael McClintock


Management Staff
Managing Editor ~ Robert D. Wilson  [bio] [email]
Associate Editor ~ Johnye Strickland  [bio] [email]
Associate Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld  [bio] [email]
Webmaster ~ Keith Heiberg [bio] [email] 
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Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld [bio] [email]
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