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Winter 2007, vol 5 no 4


Renku Editor's Notes


Welcome to the Renku Column of Simply Haiku. It seems just a few short weeks since I was writing in this column about unseasonably warm weather. Well, now winter has unmistakeably arrived here, with its hard frosts and bitter north winds. However it is in the nature of the submission/editorial process that renku we bring you now will have been composed, or at least begun, somewhat earlier in the year, and how pleasant it is to be reminded of the warmer days of spring and summer with the hokku from the four renku we bring you in this issue:

plum tree
folds unfolds folds
unfolds, plum tree

I can see some daffodils
showing through

laughter rising
as the ribbons grow shorter
maypole dance

third journey
to the grass labyrinth’s core —
sun breaking through

Although the conditions under which these renku were composed vary hugely —from live session to email to snail mail— as well as the individual poets' backgrounds —ranging from first time to experienced renkujin, from Japan to Europe and North America— all of these hokku share a sense of joy and delight in nature or the interplay of nature and humanity.

Yet these renku, as they progress, move in radically different directions, and I invite you to enter and enjoy the worlds of these poems, a live Irish Shisan, a Kasen with poets from Japan and the US, a Triparshva bringing together writers from several countries in Europe and North America, and last but not least a British Triparshva done by snail mail.


Norman Darlington, Bunclody, November 2007






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