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Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1


Robert Hecht


When the pilot announces our takeoff from Detroit to San Francisco, an elegantly-dressed elderly woman across the aisle becomes visibly alarmed. “San Francisco?” she exclaims. “I’m going to Colorado!”

A steward checks her boarding pass and speaks with her about the apparent confusion. She is in fact ticketed to San Francisco, and the crew is aware that she will require special assistance. “Your son, Mark, will be meeting you in San Francisco,” the steward patiently tells her. “That can’t be, I’m going home to Toledo,” she replies. With repeated mentions of her son’s name, and calm assurances by the crew, the woman settles down for the flight.

Upon landing, she is escorted to the terminal, where her son awaits. They are plainly happy to see one another.

At the luggage carousel a little while later, her son has a cell phone pressed to his ear, and is talking with someone about his mom’s luggage. “It’s green? A Jaguar bag?” He looks frantically at the revolving suitcases. “This is the one thing we hadn’t thought about.”

foggy night
the limo’s GPS
leads us home


name Robert Hecht was first exposed to haiku back in the late 60s, with Dharma Bums, and R.H. Blyth's books. He dabbled in writing haiku at that time, but did not turn to it seriously until last year. He earns his living as a writer-producer-director of educational video and multimedia programs. He and his wife work together running their own business, On Point Productions, in San Rafael, California.

Robert is also a fine art photographer. His work has been exhibited both in the USA and abroad and has been published in numerous photography periodicals. His haibun and haiku have been published or are forthcoming in Contemporary Haibun Online, Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, Frogpond, bottle rockets, Roadrunner Haiku, and Big Sky: The Red Moon Anthology of English Language Haiku 2006