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Contents: Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1

Editor ~ Lenard D. Moore [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Francis W. Alexander

Owen Bullock

Ellen Compton

Richard Krawiec

Hiroko Morita Malatesta

Adelaide B. Shaw

Diana Webb

Editor ~ Kirsty Karkow [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Aurora Antonovic
Dave Bacharach
Collin Barber
Janet Lynn Davis
Jim Doss
M. Kei
Bob Lucky
Giselle Maya
Adelaide B. Shaw
Maria Steyn

Editor ~ w.f. owen  [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Francis W. Alexander

hortensia anderson

Anthony Bowman

Yvonne Cabalona

Tish Davis

Garry Eaton

Robert Hecht

Margaret Hehman-Smith

Joyce Hildebrand

Bob Lucky

Patricia Prime

Ray Rasmussen

Lynne Rees

Richard Straw

Renku: Collaborative Linked Verse
Editor ~ Norman Darlington [bio] [ ]
Introduction to Renku

Renku Editor's Notes

  Withering Wind
    ~ Frank Williams and Diana Webb
  A row of flip-flops
    ~ Diana Webb
  Morning Breeze
  Briza diminetii (Romanian version)
    ~ Vasile Moldovan and Magdalena Dale
  A Jump in the Calm Sea
  Skok u bonacu (Croatian version)
    ~Tomislav Maretic
  Two mitsumono
    ~ CW Hawes and Raihana Dewji
  My struggles with renku
    ~ Frank Williams
Features: Interviews & Essays
About the Features Section
An Interview with Graham Nunn
  By Patricia Prime
Plausible deniability: Nature as hypothesis in English-language haiku
  By Richard Gilbert
Tanka by Kisaburo Konoshima
  Newly translated by David Callner

Tracks in the Sand
Columnist ~ George Swede [bio] [email]
Tracks in the Sand

Modern Haiga
Editor ~ Aurora Antonovic [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Collin Barber
Pris Campbell
Yu Chang
Matt Morden
Carol Raisfeld and Ashe
Max Verhart and Marlène Buitelaar
Robert Wilson

Traditional Haiga
Editor ~ Aurora Antonovic [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Suezan Aikins and Johnye Strickland
Bachmann-Eckenstein Arts and Antiques
Ion Codrescu

About the Reviews Section
Robert D. Wilson:
  Four Decades of My Tanka Road: The Tanka Collections of Sanford Goldstein,
by Sanford Goldstein
Johnye Strickland:
  Dust of Summers: The Red Moon Anthology Of English-Language Haiku,
edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff

Editor ~ Al Pizzarelli  [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction

~ Barry George, Bill Kenney, Ed Markowski, Bob Brill, Bob Lucky, Jesse McGowan, Alexis Rotella, Alan Pizzarelli, Jörgen Johansson, Matthew Paul, Efren Estevez, Mathew Spano, Ed Markowski, Kala Ramesh, Brenda Gannam, Arizona Zipper, David Kelly-Hedrick, Carol Raisfeld, Barry George

Family Affairs:
~ John Stevenson, Carol Raisfeld, Gautam Nadkarni, Alexis Rotella, Kala Ramesh, Gautam Nadkarni, Alan Pizzarelli, Jim Doss, Mykel Board, A. Thiagarajan, Tom Clausen, Bob Lucky, Bob Brill, Ed Markowski, W.F. Owen, Roberta Beary, D. Claire Gallagher
Management Staff
Managing Editor ~ Robert D. Wilson  [bio] [email]
Associate Editor ~ Johnye Strickland  [bio] [email]
Associate Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld  [bio] [email]
Webmaster ~ Keith Heiberg [bio] [email] 
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Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld [bio] [email]
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