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Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1


Renku Editor's Notes


Welcome to the Renku Column of Simply Haiku. In this spring edition, we bring you a broad variety of renku, from a 36-verse Kasen from Romania to a couple of three-verse Mitsumono from Minnesota, and in between a Shisan, a Junicho and a Croatian Nijuin.

New in this issue, we publish correspondence from our readers, in the shape of an English poet's "Struggles with Renku". This is a feature which we believe can be both interesting and useful, so we'd welcome further correspondence from you our readers, whether in reaction to the renku we publish, or your thoughts on renku in general.

Here are some of the hokku from our renku selection this quarter, to whet your appetite.

From winter:

withering wind…
a cafe’s billboard
takes off as we eat


swirling snow
on distant rooftops
powdered sugar



through spring...

A fresh breath
among the grafted fruit trees:
morning breeze



to summer:

barbecue guests
on the welcome mat
a row of flip-flops


the clear calm sea -
you can see every detail
of the bottom


Come on in, take a dip and enjoy!


Norman Darlington, Bunclody, February 2008






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