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Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1


Shisan : A row of flip-flops

barbecue guests
on the welcome mat
a row of flip-flops

treading pebbles
down to the waves

all those men
who worked to build
the college tower

* * *


along the cloisters
a build up of leaves


at full moon,
the nun so aware,
her belly's flatness


besotted, to please him,
a few kinky outfits


* * *


muffled up,
all week braving snow
to visit her grave


the cemetery 'Friends'
make a haven for wildlife


despite the smell
he feels a strong affinity
with bats


* * *


she sheds a few tears
at the bedroom's bare walls


from my window
Apple Blossom fairies
perched on a branch


fresh green paint
on swings in the 'rec'


A solo renku by Diana Webb, England


Copyright 2008: Simply Haiku