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Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1


Nijuin : A Jump in the Calm Sea

the clear calm sea -
you can see every detail
of the bottom

a shoal of little fishes flies
over the swimmer's head

sunshine in the cutlery
on the tablecloth - someone
pulls the curtain

actors exit at the side
applause continues unabated

* * *

she throws pebbles
in the silent lake -
the moon is swaying


crickets' song on the meadow
mixed with lovers' whispers


boiled sea-bass
and wine in the cellar -
a table for two


lifting glasses at the bar,
the sport results are here!


such a heavy shower,
are we condemned
to stay in the tavern?


sound of the old drainpipe
playing on my nostalgia

* * *

a streetlamp
shines in icicles
hanging from the roof


winter moon on the path
hides behind the trees

an old oak's stump -
it's difficult to count off
all the growth rings!

the paintbrush lays on the light
around the lamp with abrupt lines

her long hair
fluttering in the gloom
filled with colors

the tram drives on and on
to an unknown place

* * *
all the shops
still open on the city's
main square

our passionate tomcat brings
home scars in the morning

the cherry tree in bloom
gives joy to the patient
behind his window

a shining morning mist
retreats very slowly


A solo renku by Tomislav Maretic, Croatia

Also in this issue of Simply Haiku: Skok u bonacu (Croatian version of this Nijuin)


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