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Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1


Aurora Antonovic

after all these years
we run into each other
at the airport...
your disappointment
that I've cut my hair


childhood cottage
by a mansion
the beach of my dreams
asleep beneath the lake


what did
you have for dinner

he asks
and then he catches it —
chocolate stains on my white shirt


the hospital corridor
I hear him
the old man weeping as someone
sings You Are My Sunshine


she drinks her coffee
cold and bitter
a wince of displeasure
the wrench of her mouth
as she says affair


name Aurora Antonovic is a Canadian writer, editor, and visual artist whose work has appeared over six thousand times in publications worldwide. She currently acts as Haiga Editor for Simply Haiku, artist-in-residence for moonset, the newspaper, and is the founder of Magnapoets, a poetry group that seeks to promote the love of verse in all forms.