Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1


Dave Bacharach

a hawk
glares down at me
from the phone line
gentle conversation
passes through its talons


driving away
from the hospital visit
I guess
it's not so bad
to die in battle


washing down
my vitamin pill
with whiskey-
I've come to accept
a self of opposites


I look off
when she pushes in
the I.V.
a girl catches butterflies
in a picture on the wall


I aim my gun
where the lines cross
from eyes to ears
God's design to put
horses out of pain


so many graves
up in the dog graveyard
I count them-
it's a good enough way
to calibrate my life


our names etched
inside a lovers' heart
on wet concrete-
still there
even after the fire


a rabbit's foot
left on my bed
by the cat
as if I needed
another paradox


Dave Bacharach grew up in the streets and alleys of Philadelphia, PA. He worked his way through college doing manual labor and driving a taxi. After attending graduate school, he taught briefly at Philadelphia Community College before relocating to the rural hillsides surrounding Ithaca, NY. He now manages a large bus garage by day, and writes poetry and practices the saxophone by night. His poetry and reviews have appeared in many of the major journals, and he is the editor of Ribbons, published by the Tanka Society of America.