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Spring 2008, vol 6 no 1


Giselle Maya

a yellow iris
its stem entwined
by bindweed
continents apart we talk
of global warming


the spring ripples
as I pass by
further downhill
we meet again


a magician
in an old photo
my scientist son
I am amazed
by both endeavors


lynx-eared creature
who knows my wild heart
speak to me
tell me how to remain
here in this scented garden


the far sea
horizon blurred in mist
let me
steer slowly
for that unseen shore


Giselle Maya is a painter who lives in Provence. She writes haiku, tanka and haibun for journals internationally and has published 16 books. For a complete booklist of Koyama Press please contact

Her collage-paintings are in museum, corporate and private collections.

She also represents a group of young artists who present Dance-Concerts, often with haiku, tanka and tales interpreted with dance and world music. The performances are sponsored by townhalls and village associations, often in the setting of old stone chapels and abbeys.