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Summer 2008, vol 6 no 2


Made from Clay
Tish Davis


Thousands of Terracotta Warriors -- their noses, ears and hair all different. I return from my trip to Xian not sure of the time zone. I visit the nursing home compound; my residents -- some broken, missing parts, bodies hollowed out -- celebrate the safe return of their Long Term Care Volunteer.

Wheel chairs line up against the hallway; legless soldiers wait for repair in the chamber. The name of their craftsman is inscribed somewhere on their robes, legs or armor. Out of respect for this, I tell the story again from the beginning.

ancient treasure
a smile underneath
the dust


Tish Davis Tish Davis lives in central Ohio with her husband and two children. She works as a New Product Development Program Manager. Early publications were written under the name of Theresa Kiko and include poetry and a technical handbook on printed circuit boards. Her recent interests include haiku and haibun. Her haibun have been accepted for publication in Contemporary Haibun, Simply Haiku, Contemporary Haibun Online and Haibun Today.