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Summer 2008, vol 6 no 2


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Allison Millcock ~ haiga

Allison Millcock Allison works as a youth counsellor in the Barossa Region of South Australia. She has held a love of photography, art and poetry for many years, so when she discovered Haiga, embraced it with a passion. She participated in Haigaonline's water kukai, and has recently had haiga accepted for publication on Haigaonline. She has also recently had haiku accepted for publication with Haiku Dreaming Australia and FreeXpresSion.

Allison uses a range of approaches when creating haiga. Most frequently she uses her own photographs, either in their pure form, or manipulated with filters and other digital techniques. On rare occassions she does her own artwork. She also works collaboratively with her daughter Anthea Wright, who is a digital artist, and friend Gee Greenslade, who is a photographer and photo editor.

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