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Summer 2008, vol 6 no 2


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Suezan Aikins
woodblock prints
Ron Moss

Suezan Aikins Suezan Aikins works with watercolor, mixed media on gold leaf, and, with her husband master printer Sam Rogers, Japanese woodblock technique. She grew up surrounded by art, including many Japanese woodblock prints, which inspired her love for the technique and all things Japanese. She and Sam studied at the famous Yoshida woodblock studio in Tokyo in '84- '85, and they have returned often for solo exhibitions and further explorations. Before she went to Japan, Suezan began to study and write haiku and later renga, which eventually were published in journals in North America and Japan. Prospect Press has made 8 limited edition hand made chapbooks, and her poems have been in various anthologies and renga books.

Ron Moss Ron Moss lives with his wife, two dogs and a cat in the mountains of Tasmania, an island state of Australia with stunning wilderness that inspires his art and poetry. He works in the film and photography department of the Tasmania Archives, and he has been a volunteer fire fighter for 10 years.

A deep interest in Eastern art and philosophy led to extensive reading, to the study of Japanese writing forms, including haiku, and to the practice or martial arts, Zen meditation, sumi-e (ink painting) and haiga (an art form that combines haiku and watercolour painting). He has participated in several exhibitions.

Ron's poetry has won numerous awards in Australia and overseas (including Japan), and it has been translated into several languages and is widely published in journals and anthologies. He enjoys using poetry in combination with visual media, including photography, painting, and digital fine art.

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