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Summer 2008, vol 6 no 2


Norman Darlington

with petals
purchased for a goddess
I bookmark
the most fragrant
of Mirza Ghalib's poems


in light and shade
old memories slowly fade
between the stones
a tortoise singing songs
of shells and bones


this windy night while
huddled by the winter hearth
something draws my ear
your footsteps on the gravel
or rustle of dead grasses?


down the bakery
a sweet young thing braids challah
my hands remember
better than these fading eyes
the velvet of your tresses


the pitter
of new foliage pelted
by a shower
where to put this anguish
watching children grow?


Norman Darlington Norman Darlington is the Renku Editor at Simply Haiku. He lives in Ireland's rural southeast with his wife and young family. He has led renku sessions at the World Haiku Festival, Haiku Ireland Renku Day, at his international online forum The Renku Board and at numerous informal meetings. He has led and participated in renku compositions with poets from all over the globe and in various languages, including Esperanto, and with leaders in both the poetic and academic fields.