Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Summer 2008, vol 6 no 2


Dorothy McLaughlin

moonlight's silver glaze
on leaves and grass
on the jungle stream
on the faces of soldiers
prepared to kill

          --Tanka society of America International Tanka Contest 1st Place


cross the border
leaving homes and graves
the fears and hope
they carry with them


divorce settlement
six years of embraces
dividing assets
and furniture
we can't give back


a retired couple
strolling up the beach
their shadows
bobbing along
where children used to be


snow and ice
dissolving into earth
my friend on dialysis
allowed one liter a day
said she was always thirsty


funeral flowers
on our friend's grave
she the gold center
we so many petals
scattered without her


at the door
the house's silence
slips away
as they enter

          --American Tanka, Issue #8 2000


my bare hands
dust knickknacks
one by one
memories emerge
and shine again

          --unrolling the awning The Grand Central Station Tanka Cafe 2003


Dorothy McLaughlin Dorothy McLaughlin, originally from Massachusetts, was a junior high social studies teacher till she married. When her son and daughter were in school, she returned to the classroom as a substitute teacher till her husband retired. She writes free verse, articles, and haiku, as well as tanka, which have been printed in many journals, along with three chapbooks published by the Grand Central Station Tanka Cafe. She and Patricia Laster published a book of haiku, Connecting Our Houses, in 1997, and she served as facilitator of a haiku workshop for four years at Rutgers Academy of Lifelong Learning, now Osher Lifelong Learning Academy at Rutgers University.