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Summer 2008, vol 6 no 2


André Surridge

video chat
with my youngest daughter
in Melbourne
the background rumble
of a passing tram


today the words
don't come easily
I prise them
from the rock face
of an ancient mountain


the guide book says
these pillars of sand contain
the souls
of childless women
she takes a careful photo


I am well again
able to walk
even on this perfect day
the roll of distant thunder


his wishes:
ashes spread on waters
of the Hauraki Gulf
to wash ashore on beaches
near where he was born

          --remembering Sir Edmund Hillary


I am indebted
to my mother for this love
of poetry
her purloined library book
Palgrave's Golden Treasury


she thinks of the daisy
under her shoe
how when she lifted her foot
it slowly rose in the sunshine


André Surridge André Surridge was born in Hull, England. He now lives in the heart of the Waikato in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand. He is the winner of several writing awards including the Katikati Haiku Contest, NZ, 2004; 8th Paper Wasp Jack Stamm Award, Australia 2006; Elizabeth Searle Lamb Award for Haiku, USA 2007; Kaji Aso Tanka Award, USA 2007 and the Kyoto Museum for World Peace Award, (Haiku) 2007.