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Autumn 2008, vol 6 no 3


Junicho : First Butterfly


bread bag
emptied for the cygnets—


dark stains
trodden in the carpet


surrounded by land
so alien
she starts to weep


among the bric-a-brac
his mum's old cruet


all night
a barrage of leaves
against the pane


this drift of clouds
across this moon


so proud
of that clay elephant
he made in hospital


hands cold from touching snow
without our gloves


they send in
a male stripper
for her birthday bash


stalagmites and stalactites
glow inside the cave


petal by petal
softly from bough
to ground


the toddler points to it,
first butterfly


A solo renku by Diana Webb (UK)
Composed 21 August 2007


Copyright 2008: Simply Haiku