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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





deep snow
from the back of the house
she only sings the chorus
  new neighbors —
with a lot to say
their dog
back from New York
my bayou rhythms
normal again
  buttering beans —
trying to find the words
to make them taste
with each call
the cuckoo
melts the snow
  Roots —
sad motherly songs
wait for me on the doorstep
names of lovers
carved in a whale's rib . . .
tides of spring
  first light
a bird stretches itself
into song
spring snow . . .
whispering into
the horse's ear
  On the gravestone,
remains of candles and lilies —
no name to read
culling figs
mother and son
speaking again
  whenever green days
come to me
the frog in me sings
cumulus clouds...
voices of berry pickers
drift across the field
  scent of rain —
the paper thrill of
a paper crane
in the rhythm
of my lost summer
a Ferris wheel moves up
  Summer moon...
a man spraying graffiti
on a building wall
big rain drops
the hollow sound
of ripe melons
  we learn her name —
the girl in the ocean
out too far
With fingers I ruffle
the grass after me —
green pauses
  crashing surf
argue on the sea wall
frogs croak
in the shallows
  Grandmother's tomb —
a tree frog sits
on her carved name
a lone black wolf bays at the hunter's moon  
  between gusts
the sound of a rake
gathering thoughts
the dog's bark
runs away from it —
bitter cold
  bushfire moon . . .
the calligraphy
of charred trees
AIDS monument
winter rain
on a new name
  morning star
the chained dog
still barking
names of the dead —
shadows dance across
the pavement
long after our goodbyes
his ghost story lingers
still morning
the soft sonar
of cedar waxwings



deep snow (Patrick Sweeney, 4:4) new neighbors — (Tom Clausen, 1:4)
back from New York (C. Colon, 1:4) buttering beans — (C. Gourlay, 1:6)
with each call (Gabriel Rosenstock, 2:6) Roots — (Lilia Racheva, 5:1)
names of lovers (Michael McClintock, 4:1) first light (Yvonne Cabalona, 4:2)
spring snow . . . (Scott Metz, 3:1) On the gravestone, (A. Beša, 1:5)
culling figs (Roberta Beary, 5:4) whenever green days (Amy Nawrocki, 4:3)
cumulus clouds... (Irene Golas, 3:4) scent of rain — (Marili Deandrea, 2:6)
in the rhythm (Fay Aoyagi, 5:1) Summer moon... (Jack Galmitz, 3:3)
big rain drops (Chad Lee Robinson, 2:6) we learn her name — (Scott Metz, 3:1)
With fingers I ruffle (Iliana Ilieva, 4:4) crashing surf (Marian Olson, 3:2)
frogs croak (L. Teresa Church, 5:3) Grandmother's tomb — (Miyako Yamada, 2:6)
a lone black wolf (Johnye Strickland, 2:6) between gusts (b'oki, 1:6)
the dog's bark (Irene Golas, 3:4) bushfire moon . . . (Lorin Ford, 4:1)
AIDS monument (Francis Masat, 5:1) morning star (Jared Carter, 6:4)
names of the dead — (K. Ryan, 1:6) fog (Francis Alexander, 6:1)
the soft sonar (Susan Delphine Delaney, 6:4)  


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