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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





fooling no one
the call of a catbird
from somewhere
  childhood home —
my voice changes
from room to room
Stop —
time is the best
  rowing into sunset —
in the treetops, a heron
folds its wings
shadows on the grass
moving on
  napping on the bank —
a small stream trickles
through the afternoon
the wind a traveler
moving on through cracks
a singer as well, listen
  St. Thunderer Elias' day —
stars elope
before the rain
on what other planet
the shadow
of bamboo
  wedding day
a procession of ao dai
in an unpainted village
a salmon slips through
my fingers
  out of the morning
the blues
of steller's jays
Yellow Flower
shaking wind
allThisinOne w a v e
  autumn rain
the moon inching away
from our planet
silent snowflakes
slowly I feel warmer
in a different landscape
  from barn to house —
my footsteps
tugging the moon
the chat of nightbirds —
all I own
on my back
  Flock of storks —
a long ligature toward
the hot lands
the graveyard
  buffalo trail —
a long black line
of Angus
a duck's wake in blown pollen dad's voice weaker  
  dark moon —
on the night train
back home
flying through a
rainbow this morning—
  white feather ~
a red ant searches
the textures
morning mist . . .
into the woods
the feral cat
  summer mountain —
with each step more
of the sea
summer's end
moving towards me
the shadow of the house
  in the woods
he runs from bees
urban boy
a dusty back road —
father and son kick a can
all the way home
  evening breeze
a firefly leads me
into darkness



fooling no one (an'ya, 1:1) childhood home — (K.L. Cobb, 1:3)
Stop — (B. Bukva, 1:4) rowing into sunset —(M. Evans, 1:4)
shadows on the grass (E. Thelier, 1:5) napping on the bank — (C. Gourlay, 1:6)
the wind a traveler (Jeanine Hoedemakers, 2:2) St. Thunderer Elias' day (Jasminka Djordjevic, 2:3)
on what other planet (Patrick Sweeney, 4:4) wedding day (Steve Dolphy, 2:5)
sunrise (Dylan Brennan, 2:6) out of the morning (John Barlow, 5:4)
Yellow Flower (Ed Baker, 3:4) autumn rain (Fay Aoyagi, 4:1)
silent snowflakes (Truls Horvei, 4:3) from barn to house — (Michael Meyerhofer, 2:4)
the chat of nightbirds — (Coló Buchanan, 3:1) Flock of storks — (Iliana Ilieva, 4:4)
gone (Sue Stanford, 3:1) buffalo trail — (Francis Masat. 4:3)
a duck's wake (Dave Russo, 4:4) dark moon — (Udo Wenzel, 3:2)
flying through a (Robert Wilson 1:1) white feather — (Vishnu Narayanan, 5:2)
morning mist … (C.D. Better, 1:4) summer mountain — (Issa [D. Lanoue, trans., 6:2])
summer's end (Sandra Simpson, 5:3) in the woods (Desiree Cooper, 6:4)
a dusty back road — (Curtis Dunlap, 5:3) evening breeze (Fredua-Agyeman Nana, 6:4)


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