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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





a seagull
27 miles from shore
the continent begins
  Following a trace
along the sand beach
— your drifting.
   the shy one
offered a hug     she becomes
      all angles
  morning light
a cormorant dives
through its reflection
reef sharks
the black eye
of the hibiscus
  four ducks a straight line of sky
relentless wave —
taking back the seashell
I took from it
  outside the circle of headlights
the goat's green eyes
and fireflies
Night folds day —
Ink drying
on a long letter
  checkered floor —
a cat moves
from white to black
two shoes
side by side
  starless night
frangipani blossoms
litter the lawn
spring light
the kitchen table's
small cuts
  rose garden
mama parcels my hair
into plaits
blustery day
one tulip
keeps his head
  cloudy dawn
birdsong from all sides
of the graveyard
autumn rain
streaks and patches
on a field horse
  windless day —
the rain falls
straight down
just inside the wood line
bones of a fox
bleached clean
  cold morning in the city:
deciding what's me
and what's everything else
glazed ham —
a strong wind carving
the fresh coat of snow
  so naked
so tall
the winter elm
early walk
counting the spots
on a fawn
  spring light
the far edge
of the pillow
gust of wind —
a fallen cherry branch
splits the stream
  spring rain
ripples on the pond
bamboo grove
a hundred ways
of entering



a seagull (paul m., 1:1) Following a trace (B. Bukva, 1:4)
the shy one (N. S. Smith, 1:2) morning light (Susan Constable, 5:1)
reef sharks (Sandra Simpson, 4:4) four ducks a straight line of sky (John Sexton, 3:2)
relentless wave — (Raquel D. Bailey, 5:4) outside the circle of headlights (Brenda Roberts, 2:4)
Night folds day — (Peggy Aylsworth, 3:4) checkered floor — (Marina Hagen, 3:3)
two shoes (Don Baird, 2:1) starless night (S. Mill, 1:6)
spring light (Dietmar Tauchner, 3:2) rose garden (L. Teresa Church, 5:3)
blustery day (David Giacalone, 5:3) cloudy dawn (John Bird, 2:5)
autumn rain (an'ya, 1:1) windless day — (Sarah Sloat, 2:2)
just inside the wood line (C.D. Better, 1:4) cold morning in the city: (Michael McClintock, 4:1)
glazed ham — (Francis Alexander, 6:1) so naked (Robert Moyer, 3:4)
early walk (Susan Constable, 5:1) spring light (Owen Bullock, 6:1)
gust of wind — (H. Anderson, 1:2) spring rain (Sue Mill, 3:2)
bamboo grove (Jared Carter, 6:3)  


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