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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





sultry night —
the undertow
at our gold bands
  heat wave
the taste of sweat
on her hip
explode over the bed ...
parsley gone to seed
  after our visit
in quiet, the things
I forgot to say ...
on tomorrow's snail
my love letter
to you
  Dog day heat ...
the subtle breeze
of a blown kiss
summer heat
even here, even now
I remember you
  the scent of rain
       thoughts of him
stay with me
almost midnight
the cry of the duck egg seller
written into her letter
  a young wife
washing muddy bamboo shoots,
her white fingers
harvest moon . . .
a mother washes
her newborn
  twilight chill
  venus moves closer
    to mars
full morning moon —
the working girl's
gauzy blouse
  waste bed —
among stars' tears
her nightgown
rising late
her footprint still
in the frost
  dead of night
a square of moonlight
where she slept
autumn rain . . .
where he slept
  ice skating
into his hand
my whole weight
winter moon
only your photo
to remind me
  deep winter
his breath
holding mine
after you leave
i still remain
the year grinds wheat
  sunrise . . .
it's what her
shadow doesn't say
you stare at me
like i'm so pretty
  winter moon
far away ... mute love
my mistake
untangling the orchard
from your hair
  wispy clouds
not touching
as we pass
combing the doll's hair
our heartbeats,
lips part
in full bloom
your lips on my ear
  the butterfly
on the clover-head
your lips on mine
Thunderstorm —
clutching my flashlight
and lover
she parts the waves
fallen blossoms



sultry night — (N. S. Smith, 1:2) heat wave (Francis Masat, 3:3)
fireworks (A. Callister, 1:4) after our visit (T. Clausen, 1:4)
on tomorrow's snail (C. Colon, 1:4) Dog day heat ... (Ed Markowski, 3:3)
summer heat (C.D. Better 1:1) the scent of rain (Raquel D. Bailey, 6:3)
almost midnight (Steve Dolphy, 2:5) a young wife (Ikuyo Yoshimura, 3:4)
harvest moon . . . (Robert Wilson, 5:4) twilight chill (Carol Raisfeld, 3:3)
full morning moon — (David Giacalone, 5:3) waste bed — (M. Fantoli, 1:4)
rising late (Ron Moss, 3:2) dead of night (Graham Nunn, 4:4)
autumn rain . . . (Naia, 4:3) ice skating (Keiko Izawa, 3:4)
winter moon (Clive Oseman, 3:3) deep winter (Raquel D. Bailey, 6:4)
after you leave (Bret Wooldridge, 3:3) sunrise . . . (Robert Wilson, 5:4)
moon, (Belle Nabor, 3:1) winter moon (D.M. Holmes, 1:6)
my mistake (Andrew Riutta, 3:3) wispy clouds (Sandra Simpson, 6:2)
Idly (Ian Daw, 3:3) embracing (Michael Garofalo, 2:3)
jacarandas (Sandra Simpson, 6:2) the butterfly (Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck, 6:3)
Thunderstorm — (K. Kimmel, 1:3) breaststroking (William Higginson, 2:5)


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