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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1



Literary society


exile's sunset —
over darkening waters,
a bridge of light
  through the winter woods
almost seen . . .
the neighboring country
winter evening —
a beggar's corpse
is carted away
  gang turf
a length of sidewalk the length of the sky
a quarrel rumbles
through the railroad yard —
summer night
  first light —
money spiders
tweaking the sky
morning delivery
the width of my
peripheral vision
  in the doorway
wrapped in yesterday's newspaper
the beggar
a wholesome smile
the hindu deity
bathed in milk
the spring mountain
ants dogs and men
apple harvest
the truck fills up
with hands
  a different spring
than villagers see?
a temple pilgrim
roadside stand
cornhuskers talk
with their hands
  school day morning
children drag their feet
through cherry petals
between labor pains
distant rain
  in the middle
of the widow's lawn
weeping cherry
tiny sour oranges —
a kabuki actor with bleached hair
             talks about tradition
  on the floor
actors and masks —
on the table a rose
roadside leaves
at the bottom of the pile
the queen of hearts
  lost in fog
guiding the driver
behind me
cicadas —
my neighbor asks
about his saw
  hint of autumn —
I rewind
a Kurosawa film
even inside,
this autumn rain . . .
  Thanksgiving dinner —
we pretend not to hear
the fire engines
fortunately I am not
a houseplant in my
daughter's room
  countless stars —
my daughter paints herself
in swine barn pens
kids sleeping with their hogs —
we whisper
  acorns falling
even at this hour
someone knocks
one by one
everyone has left . . .
autumn wind
  winter storm —
heating the chicken soup
for a second time
first snow —
the feet of the begging monk
all red
  Meteor shower—
warmed by whiskey
we pass the night.
  chaise lounging —
Nabokov's Butterflies
edgy in dry heat
among the cactus
gypsy children
selling necklaces
  at sunset
lone in the garden
sweet williams
with the confidence
of catwalk models



exile's sunset — (Carla Sari, 3:2) through the winter woods (Emiko Miyashita, 3:3)
winter evening — (Gautam Nadkarni, 5:4) gang turf (E. Markowski, 1:6)
a quarrel rumbles (L. Teresa Church, 6:4) first light — (Ian Daw, 3:3)
morning delivery (E. Markowski, 1:6) in the doorway (R. de Gruttola, 1:6)
a wholesome smile (Tiong Chunghoo, 2:1) ascending (Vishnu Narayanan, 5:2)
apple harvest (Bob Lucky, 5:2) a different spring (Steve McCarty, 2:6)
roadside stand (Chad Lee Robinson, 2:6) school day morning (Garry Eaton, 5:3)
runaway (E. Berry. 1:6) in the middle (Roberta Beary, 5:4)
tiny sour oranges — (Fay Aoyagi, 2:6) on the floor (Borivoj Bukva, 2:2)
roadside leaves (Mathew V. Spano, 6:2) lost in fog (Clive Oseman, 3:3)
cicadas — (Bob Lucky, 5:2) hint of autumn — (Fay Aoyagi, 4:1)
even inside, (Chris Eichenberger, 4:4) Thanksgiving dinner — (Tyrone McDonald, 6:3)
fortunately I am not (Jeanine Hoedemakers, 2:2) countless stars — (Andrew Riutta, 3:4)
in swine barn pens (Glen Keener, 2:2) acorns falling (Jared Carter, 6:4)
one by one (Issa [D. Lanoue, trans., 6:3]) winter storm — (Adelaide B. Shaw, 6:1)
first snow — (Gabi Greve, 4:1) Meteor shower— (Michael Garofalo, 2:3)
so (Ed Baker, 3:4) chaise lounging — (Nita Countryman, 3:1)
among the cactus (R. de Gruttola, 1:6) at sunset (Jack Galmitz, 2:4)
with the confidence (Fay Aoyagi, 2:6)  


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