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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





two mirrors —
  sleepless night
the space between
two stars
desert spring —
nothing, nothing in the world
but this full moon
  Mountain stream —
on a rock . . . in it trembling
a fallen camellia
desert moon
the twisted shadow
of a Joshua Tree
  moss and moon —
the same old
broken hut
in its absence
I dream
a new moon
     dirt road moon
frogs we gigged
   heavy in the bag
deep in the dale —
small things like the absence
of sound
  we sprinkle shirts
while the flatirons heat
morning mist
Hiroshima sunrise
    what the shadows
  leave behind
  bedroom window . . .
   venus and mars
     with the naked eye
where I want
to be —
new moon
  a muskie
glimpsed through scarred water
forty years deep
termite season
    how a single memory
  can route your life
  the attic
where silk worms lived
a shadow with no name
boarded-up ballpark
a dust devil swirls
along a baseline
  In the year
of the rat, the attic has
run out of wheat
stormy morning
a snowflake closes
the eyelids
in earth's shadow
November moon
playground closed
icicles hang
from the monkey bars
  winter butterfly
licks the river muck —
deep Etowah
chilly morning —
an eagle's talon
nailed to the door
  new year's morning
a smashed lime
on the center line
Hurricane Beach —
the empty shell
of a house
  dusting the corners . . .
the curl of legs
on a spider husk
Atomic Dome,
its yawning transparence,
morning in summer
  Daily rain —
from the deep well
this glass of water.



between (R. Wilson 1:1) sleepless night (B. Ross, 1:2)
desert spring — (William Higginson, 2:5) Mountain stream — (Miyako Yamada, 2:6)
desert moon (Deborah Kolodji, 2:5) moss and moon — (Fredua-Agyeman Nana, 4:4)
in its absence (Dina Cox, 2:4) dirt road moon (Dave Russo, 4:4)
deep in the dale — (K. Ryan, 1:6) we sprinkle shirts (L. Teresa Church, 5:3)
Hiroshima sunrise (Shane Bartlett, 4:1) bedroom window . . . (Carol Raisfeld, 3:3)
where I want (Jason Sanford Brown, 3:1) a muskie (Clyde Glandon, 3:3)
termite season (Shane Bartlett, 4:1) the attic (Fay Aoyagi, 2:6)
boarded-up ballpark (Garry Eaton, 5:3) In the year (Borivoj Bukva, 2:2)
stormy morning (D. Tauchner, 1:3) standing (Dina Cox, 2:4)
playground closed (C. Raisfeld, 1:4) winter butterfly (D.M. Holmes, 1:6)
chilly morning — (G. Rosenstock, 1:2) new year's morning (S.D. Delaney, 1:4)
Hurricane Beach — (Francis Masat, 6:2) dusting the corners ... (David Serjeant, 6:4)
Atomic Dome, (Tateo Fukutomi, 3:3) Daily rain — (Michael Garofalo, 2:3)


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