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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





New Year's Day
the baby spits out
black eye peas
are the entries of white days
when a stove still glows.
arctic spring
the ice cliff sheds itself
into the sea
  February rain
folded dragons
on the gymnasium floor
just looking
at the soft-blue velvet
of the young plum
  spring's begun —
the sky over my house too
like old times
apple blossoms
the highest bidder
for my wings
  morning sun through trees
the crow's wings
glisten black
sabbath day
the beach turns
  first peony
deeper inside
the short grass
of the hydrangea
thin cries of a cat
  Dry wind —
the sweetness
of the last cherry.
warm afternoon
spiked with rosemary —
green dragonfly
  late spring heat
the crows seem resigned
to their branch
clouds float
like dollops of whipped cream —
  summer dusk;
she lifts the baby
to a mulberry branch
these last afternoons . . .
  boxing gloves —
beefsteak tomatoes dangle
in sunlight
early harvest
a swarm of locusts
leaves town
  autumn dawn
a sound apple
in the long grass
the hush
of folded wings —
autumn twilight
  autumn equinox
a solitary bird calls
to the half moon
November gray —
a bare bones view
of the woods
  dormant cat —
November frost drives away
sparrows from the fence
winter sun —
my gratitude,
bone deep
  sound of the ocean
north of the fence ...
evening snow
winter shrike —
morning moon
dimly white
  just the sound
of the old watermill —
winter jasmine
Snow Moon —
a calligraphy brush stops
in mid air



New Year's Day (Tyrone McDonald, 6:3) Indescribable (Slavica Savli, 1:4)
arctic spring (Joyce Maxner, 2:3) February rain (Fay Aoyagi, 5:1)
just looking (Marianne Kiauta, 3:1) spring's begun — (Issa [D. Lanoue, trans., 6:1])
apple blossoms (Fay Aoyagi, 5:1) morning sun through trees (C.D. Better, 1:4)
sabbath day (Owen Bullock, 6:1) first peony (Scott Metz, 3:1)
shadow (Ikuyo Yoshimura, 3:4) Dry wind — (Michael Garofalo, 2:3)
late spring heat (Bruce Ross, 6:2) warm afternoon (Diana Webb, 6:1)
clouds float (Dhugal Lindsay, 5:2) summer dusk; (Dave Russo, 6:2)
suddenly, (Ann Schwader, 4:3) boxing gloves — (L. Teresa Church, 5:3)
early harvest (Stephen Davies, 3:3) autumn dawn (John Sexton, 3:2)
the hush (Ruth Holzer, 2:5) autumn equinox (Johnye Strickland, 2:6)
November gray — (Adelaide B. Shaw, 6:1) dormant cat — (Jasminka Djordjevic, 2:3)
sound of the ocean (Issa [D. Lanoue, trans., 5:4]) winter shrike — (Ikuyo Yoshimura, 2:1)
winter sun — (Chris Eichenberger, 5:1) just the sound (Diana Webb, 6:1)
Snow Moon — (Fay Aoyagi, 2:6)  


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