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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





afternoon land breeze —
the sulphur butterfly
miles off shore
  into summer —
a box turtle carries a
painting of autumn
blue sky
listening to a tape
on clouds
    tiger, sulfur, sphinx . . .
gray cocoons
  labeled on a branch
plum blossoms
squeezing color
out of the tube
  watercolor —
with a sigh, the lily
dries out
sunset ...
how many pixels
in the matrix?
  The Milky Way!
an unmanned probe deployed
into the sea
summer ends —
a single page
of the fish-eye lens
  both ends of the night
— moon
and satellite dish
eye surgery
the shimmer
of moonlight
  late night downpour —
the traffic lights change
for no-one
lack of nearby
large light sources
hardly star gazing
  crescent moon
electric lamps outline
the temple hill
across town
a train whistles its way
through the dark
  misty rain—
dry pavement under
the ambulance
smudging the wound
with the smoke
of one match
  rifle shot
    a cloud
    of birds
distant thunder
potato bugs curl
into ammunition
  dead deer —
this rifle
so heavy (now)
country road—
breaking the speed limit
to elude a storm
  gritty snow . . .
a pig's wet snout
   from the passing truck
jackhammer —
the little one hugs
her doll harder
  the commuter train —
falling leaves swirl
around its passage
flowers of Monet
near the window
where fumes winter
  spring morning
the shades of rust
along the fence
indigo sky
she dips her paintbrush
into its colour



afternoon land breeze — (P. Watsky, 1:1) into summer — (Chris Eichenberger, 4:4)
blue sky (Susan Delphine Delaney, 5:1) tiger, sulfur, sphinx . . . (Dave Russo, 4:4)
plum blossoms (Fay Aoyagi, 5:1) watercolor — (Vladislav Vassiliev, 3:4)
sunset ... (Vladislav Vassiliev, 3:4) The Milky Way! (Dhugal Lindsay, 5:2)
summer ends — (Ikumi Yoshimura, 5:1) both ends of the night (Vladislav Vassiliev, 3:4)
eye surgery (F. Porad 1:1) late night downpour — (A. Callister, 1:4)
lack of nearby (Geert Verbeke, 2:4) crescent moon (Kala Ramesh, 5:4)
across town (H. Ruggieri, 1:3) misty rain— (William Higginson, 2:5)
smudging the wound (Clyde Glandon, 3:3) rifle shot (C. Mair, 1:6)
distant thunder (Ariel Lambert, 3:4) dead deer — (Tim Jamieson, 2:3)
country road— (Curtis Dunlap, 6:2) gritty snow . . . (Dave Russo, 6:2)
jackhammer — (Udo Wenzel, 3:2) the commuter train — (William Higginson, 2:5)
flowers of Monet (André Duhaime, 2:3) spring morning (Chad Lee Robinson, 2:6)
indigo sky (Doreen King, 3:3)  


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