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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





tension headache
different bees work
the lavender bush
  breathing in
shadows pass over
the mango tree
fish scale moon
on the taut line
beads of sweat
  darkening river
a raven flies
towards the pines
day's end . . .
another sunset
behind the clouds
  humid day . . .
as I step out of my bath
the beads of sweat
this butterfly on the chair
has kept the colors
of the flowers he has gathered
  winter solstice —
through the cell window
a dusty shaft of light
making pickled ume
I calm
one of my complaints
  weeds . . .
sometimes I don't know
when to stop
At 3 am
the mockingbird
wounding sleep
  A cat's nail
the water —
There's really no hope
those limpid tears will cool
into blades of steel?
  spring sunrise
the lingering night
in my aunt's casket
a fly
trimming its wings
on the death mask
  shaded woodpile
the coffin-maker behind
the classifieds
african morning —
vultures gather on
a village roof
  the swift's home
in the wall —
painted over
watering can . . .
the sound of mother's
creaking bones
  A gust of wind
lifts up the wing of
a perished bird
hospital room —
the lightness of falling snow
at dusk
  clinking of glasses —
a cat sleeping
on the coffin
grass stalks tall
in the lowering sun
another wasted afternoon
       alone on a ferry pier
in the milky way
              sea wind
labor pains ...
the silence between lightning
and thunder
  summer seashore —
an octopus writhing,
a barefooted child
spring forest
bare branches and blossoms
that awkward time
  gypsy moth
clutched in the jaybird's beak —
wooden clothespins
she grabs at air
where the firefly was



tension headache (A. Summers, 1:3) breathing in (G. Nunn, 1:3)
fish scale moon (Darrell Byrd, 2:4) darkening river (Peter Macrow, 5:1)
day's end . . . (Ella Wagemakers, 4:3) humid day . . . (Kala Ramesh, 5:4)
this butterfly on the chair (André Duhaime, 2:3) winter solstice — (Dana Duclo, 5:3)
making pickled ume (Ikuyo Yoshimura, 3:4) weeds . . . (Dina Cox, 2:4)
At 3 am (Peggy Aylsworth, 3:4) A cat's nail (Iliana Ilieva, 4:4)
There's really no hope (Slavica Savli, 1:4) spring sunrise (Dietmar Tauchner, 3:2)
a fly (J. J. Traxler, 3:1) shaded woodpile (Paul Pfleuger, Jr., 3:1)
african morning — (Stephen Davies, 3:3) the swift's home (Fredua-Agyeman Nana, 4:4)
watering can . . . (Fredua-Agyeman Nana, 6:4) A gust of wind (Jadran Zalokar, 3:2)
hospital room — (Adelaide B. Shaw, 6:3) clinking of glasses — (Ian Daw, 3:3)
grass stalks tall (E. Thelier, 1:5) alone on a ferry pier (Ellen Compton, 6:1)
labor pains ... (Dana-Maria Onica, 5:3) summer seashore — (Tateo Fukutomi, 3:3)
spring forest (Denis Garrison, 4:2) gypsy moth (L. Teresa Church, 6:4)
she grabs at air (Robert Moyer, 6:2)  


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