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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1





painting a shadow
with its shadow,
the dragonfly
  rain barrel —
tadpoles surface
through a cloud
born in a year
of the monkey
my trickster life
  only to melt
on a warmer earth
spring snow
holding a bee
in an open palm —
her second spring
  I have learned
to act like them —
light, heat, sweat —
indian lilac in Hiroshima
this summer too
poison drains into
the singing bowl
a cascade of huge teardrops: the tassels of red nuts not blood
absorbed again
by a sharper moon
laid down on the grass
the world is changing
its perspective
  When I step in the fire
an ancient shaman drains
all agonies
my unawake brain —
through emerald transparence,
a cicada emerges
  Summer moon ...
I pass through it
to another world
Leaf by leaf,
woods by woods —
my thoughts turn green.
a seagull lifts
the darkness
freshly molded
in clay —
the coolness
  an autumn butterfly
born from the shadow
of the boy
yellow daffodils
an urge to
buy a banjo
  low tide
the seaweed
loses its shape
spring thaw —
the splintered pine
releases a cone
a raspberry bursts
on my tongue
hair of the dog —
in the mirror a trace
of autumn
  I look up
from writing
to daylight
morning light
a dragonfly beads
with dew



painting a shadow (Robert Wilson, 1:1) rain barrel (Francis Masat, 2:1)
born in a year (Fay Aoyagi, 2:6) only to melt (Mike Farley, 1:5)
holding a bee (Elena Naskova, 2:5) I have learned (Fay Aoyagi, 2:6)
light, heat, sweat— (Yasuhiko Shirota, 2:2) eyeless (Clyde Glandon, 3:3)
laid down on the grass (Moussia Fantoli, 1:4) When I step in the fire (Savli, 1:4)
my unawake brain — (Tateo Fukutomi, 3:3) Summer moon . . . (Jack Galmitz, 3:3)
Leaf by leaf, (Borivoj Bukva, 2:2) dawn (Kala Ramesh, 6:2)
freshly molded (Michael McClintock, 4:1) an autumn butterfly (San shou uo, 3:4)
yellow daffodils (Fay Aoyagi, 4:1) low tide (Graham Nunn, 4:4)
spring thaw (Curtis Dunlap, 5:3) solstice (Ann Schwader, 5:3)
hair of the dog — (Roberta Beary, 5:4) I look up (William J. Higginson, 6:4)
morning light (Ron Moss, 3:2) nightmares (Clyde Glandon, 3:3)
a cascade of huge teardrops: (Eiko Yachimoto, 2:1)  


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