Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2


shopping circular
ed markowski


 usda certified black angus ground round $4.49 lb
      nathan's famous all beef hot dogs $3.88 lb
      embers deli style thin sliced pastrami $7.99 lb
 millers boneless amish chicken breast $5.88 lb
           pancho villa flour tortillas 24 ct. $1.69
 luke's organic whole wheat bread $4.49 per loaf
      orange juice (squeezed in store) $3.99 gal
         young's dairy organic 2% milk 2 gal for $10.00
 entenman's homestyle apricot cheese danish $4.77
duke's all american butter kissed popcorn 6 for $6.00

               unemployment office
                   the frayed borders of
                 an american flag


Ed Markowski Ed Markowski lives and writes in Auburn Hills, Michigan. His poetry was featured at Cornell University's Mann Library in March of 2005.