Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2




blown kiss
    every tree in my yard
  spring arrives a photo of Manson at 74
warm wind the holes in my life begin to yodel  
                   the sunspots on
                      a beggar's hand
on the widow's porch a dead bird i borrow sugar

        ed markowski
  winter night
where her face has been
an open book
dandelions the girl's face in the rain  
inside the Great Buddha
the child's eye green beyond the barbed wire  
  Narita Express
my thoughts
already departed
lingering night at daybreak in the soldier's casket

        Dietmar Tauchner
  a bell
if you tell me
I am hard
falling through the night
millions of holes
in my skull
  where there is no light
one drop of my mind's
blood on a dog's tooth
this word now this word
each making a ghost of the last word
now the sword
  nothing to say
I part
the lips of my wallet

        Peter Yovu
still grave stones remain
still grave stone remains
still grave stones ...
caught in the lampshade —
free jazz solo
while reading Raizan
"the spring rain"
starts to rain
  lamplight —
a moth zigzags
between stars

        Dick Whyte
a cloud shaped like a woman swinging from a cloud  
  supple reeds
the river mingles
with the sea
racing toward a mountain old enough to climb  
  new shapes in the clouds
         we're getting
morning glories
another friend
borrows time

        Peggy Lyles
  the long day ...
kids jump off a float
into sunset
open road ...
the sweet scent of hay
  moon gazing ...
someone quarrels
on the telephone
the moon
lighting my way
blossom drunk

        Tyler Pruett