Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2


Duo, Trio 2


coming dusk the empty space in a coyote's call  
  ungentle wind
a sudden silence
mating squirrels
the steady certainty
of spring

        Linda Pilarski
  no need
to find time
this place
    no moon
                my mind follows
the wild geese

        Colin Stewart Jones
  between Genesis
and Revelations —
some bird's perfect pitch
seedless watermelon —
as my family eats,
the quiet
  dervish of leaves
i walk
for the hell of it

        Tyrone McDonald
a dirt patch
grandpa's missing
  spring sunrise
my sundress
suddenly lifts

        Raquel D. Bailey
wind chimes
your gauze curtains
in the moonlight
  a long walk home
piles of raked leaves
at the orphanage
silent night
no sirens on Christmas
in the city of angels

        William Cullen Jr
  old pond —
a seed
for an empire of string
sea cucumber — freedom
foreclosure — umbrella
mandala — petal rain
  ants begin to look like an idea

        Scott Metz