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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2


George Hawkins


for a guest
tracing the sky:
winter brook
  endless white
the commas
of gliding cranes
drawn-out sunset
the dog makes a circle
and lies down again
washing the earth
from my hands
longest day —
sunset lingers
in a mirror
  manic phase
finding the right word
where i left it
old pear
the woodpecker
still listens
  words lost
in a sifted sky
the stars
life's ebb —
within closed petals
i dream
  but for changes,
still caught in the wind
transparent trees
a winter spent
in words
the trees
fill us in
her autumn voice
the wind
in new leaves
  the texture
of penned words:
first light
cold rain ...
waiting for today
until tomorrow

George Hawkins George Hawkins and his wife, Diane, are retired and live in Goodrich village in southeastern Michigan, where they raise daylilies and have registered some of their own hybrids. They also serve as hospice volunteers. These are the first haiku George has submitted for publication.