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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2


Clare McCotter


adjusting the scarf again
his wife's remains
  bird-feeders on the rowan
at an open window
her coffin
sunshine at the funeral
a chestnut leaf
red already
  after the burial
he kneads his hands
one then the other
delayed grief
on the lightning tree
a waiting raven
  first anniversary
finding her lost earring
frozen fields
a star dies
a horse's sigh
  reading Freud
over my shoulder
the winter moon
the mare's eye
still water
a stillborn prayer
  song thrush silent
under juniper
the fog thickens
mountain cloud —
through a mare's tail
the broken blue
the fallen foxglove
a slug's soft dream
in the mare's mane
a girl's laughter
  May meadow at dusk
red fox spancelled
to a frolicking shadow
white birds
over the lake
breaking the news
  nothing surprises at the zoo
only you
grey squirrel on ash branch
his thin shoulders the sound of an Indian drum  
  black horse running rolling back the stone
the child's open face piano music from a silent film  
  Christmas Day the weeds on grandmother's grave
Holbein's Christ a pigeon's gaunt grey breast  

Clare McCotter Clare McCotter trained as a psychiatric nurse in Belfast. In the 1990s she did a BA in English at the Queen's University of Belfast, then an MA in Irish Literature Written in English at the University of Ulster. This was followed by a PGCE in English at the University of Edinburgh. She was awarded a PhD in Literature from the University of Ulster in 2005. She has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on Beatrice Grimshaw's travel writing and fiction. Her haiku have been published in Reflexion, The Poetry in the Pews Anthology, Blithe Spirit, Acorn, The Heron's Nest, Roadrunner, World Haiku Review, Paper Wasp & Frogpond (latter forthcoming). She lives in Kilrea, Co. Derry.