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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2




the upward march
of grassland
  autumn —
bones of an old man ...
blend in
before snow
how silent the birds —
sparrow tongue tea
  cold day at the beach
a man casts his line
    only twice
a museum of moons shadows on the stone  
in a tide pool
February park.
A line of ice on each twig.
Gulls carry the sea.
  february sun —
a can nods through
the water's reflections
I'm left with my lips.
The winter didn't touch
My breath.

'pumice' Patrick Pilarski 'autumn' Don Baird
'before snow' Merrill Gonzales 'cold day' Neal Whitman
'a museum' Anthony Marcoff 'starfish' Jyothirmai Gubili
'February park' Dave Young 'february sun' Frank Williams
'I'm left' Lilia Racheva